Developing Tomorrow’s Football Talent Today! #GRINDTIME

Today’s best athletes are a combination of many key elements that work together to create greatness. This foundation for athleticism includes balance, awareness, coordination and agility, but none of these components is more important than strength. Every athlete, in every sport, must develop this essential weapon in order to compete at an elite level. Proper lifting and strength gain is the basis for an optimally functioning athletic body, so there is simply no way around strength training.

In making OUR living as professional football players for many years, what we’ve learned is that nothing is more transparent in sports than strength and speed. Your highest level of performance may seem miles away, but your first step towards achieving your goals starts right here in prioritizing your strength, speed, and nutrition goals.

“You must make the conscious decision to get the most out of your training and be the best possible. Simply consider the ever-growing number of athletes that just like you, have set their sights on professional football. When it comes to the proper work needed to set you apart from this massive group, just remember, there is no time to waste. Start now! Become a member, EAT, SLEEP, TRAIN, REPEAT”


Increase your vertical jump, broad jump, and 225 pound bench repetitions by learning:

  • Proper technique which allows you to use your whole bodies strength and understand how to transfer your whole body’ s force as a unit.
  • Size, Speed and Strength are all related when you work out properly, You will become bigger faster and stronger in record time by working out in a program that specializes in rate of force development, meaning you will become SUPER EXPLOSIVE.
  • Individualized corrective exercises and core training, which will give you an injury proof physique and corrects previous injurious , through strengthening any weakness you may have.
  • Conditioning and Flexibility


Improve your condition for the mobility tests and all combine events by achieving:


  • Greater flexibility and on field mobility through GPP work (General Physical Preparedness), contrast therapy, and a proper  stretching program. GPP warmup is famous for making athletes faster, stronger and injury proof through training the body to become more mobile and learning how to move more efficiently.
  • Improved health through a comprehensive approach to training that teaches you how to take care of your body correctly.


We will teach you how to get your body as lean as possible so your body composition  will allow you to be more effective at your position:

  • Proper sports nutrition increases all performance indicators because the healthier you body is the better you will perform.
  • Body composition is very important because the leaner you are, the more freedom your body has to move… you will become a faster more explosive athlete overall.
  • It also shows the NFL/CFL personnel that you are a serious athlete who works hard. Having a certain look and body composition makes an instant visual impact on them allowing you to not just pass the eye test but blow them away on it.

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