How Important Is The Role Of A Long Snapper? –

Every NFL team reserves a roster spot to a specialist long snapper. Teams prefer to have a player whose reps in practice are devoted to perfecting his long snapping abilities rather than run the risk that a part-time long snapper could make mistakes serious enough to compromise a potential victory. This suggests that teams feel the potential downside of using a part-time long snapper isn’t outweighed by the benefit of an extra roster spot that could be given to a 7th wide receiver or 5th tight end. That’s because any player who misses out on a roster spot because of the presence of a long snapper is the type of player who is unlikely to see the field much, even if he had made the roster, while the long snapper is guaranteed to play a significant role in special teams plays. Developmental players who are 5th string or lower on the depth chart because they’re unable to help the team this year will find a place on a practice squad, which can now field 10 players per team.


What does it take to be a good Long Snapper?

A lot of practice and attention to DETAILS…  “A long snapper’s job isn’t just to snap the ball and block. He also needs to be able to sprint downfield after a punt in order to help cover kicks and potentially make an open-field tackle on a shifty punt returner. Nowadays, virtually all NFL offensive linemen who play significant snaps on offense weigh at least 290 pounds, so it would be tough even for very athletic offensive linemen to make a good tackle attempt on an agile punt returner weighing 190 pounds. The vast majority of modern long snappers are around 245 pounds because that’s “big enough” to block while “small enough” to still be able to sprint downfield and tackle returners in space. NFL scouts generally consider times in the .60-.70 range worthy of consideration.” –


Jonathan Timmons | Current Laurier University Golden Hawk, the IDFFL 7v7 Alumni has recorded “long snap” times of (.65) which puts him right there alongside other potential NFL/CFL Long Snapper Prospects.

Join the IDFFL Long Snapping Clinic with
Alumni Jonathan Timmons

Players will learn:

Proper Stretching Routines

Snapping Progression including:

  • proper stance
  • hand placement (power and guide hand placement)
  • arm position
  • snapping motion



Snapping Speed

Snapping Accuracy

For $299, the clinic includes 8 total sessions over a 4 week period starting June 4th:
  • Four (1) hour session of Long Snap Training (1x per week)
  • Four (1) hour session of Strength & Conditioning Training (1x per week)