The IDFFL has trained a number of Division-1 athletes in the NCAA, CIS, and multiple CFL Draft Picks.

To make it easier to train with us, the IDFFL has introduced a “monthly” membership for players like yourself ages 9+ (NCAA and CIS players welcome). IDFFL will now be offering its high performance, “position-specific” football training membership in conjunction with Elite PRO coaches and our local Sports Performance Affiliate “The Athlete Matrix”. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from professional football players that have played football at the highest levels!



Our Elite Football Academy is specifically designed to help develop athletic skill and to teach the game of football to young prospects. Our goal is to assure that you, the player, will know exactly what to do on each and every play so you can allow your athleticism to emerge. On field work will be position specific “every day drills” used at the pro level with the mindset that you become what you repeatedly do. Today’s best athletes are a combination of many key elements that work together to create greatness. This foundation for athleticism includes balance, awareness, coordination and agility, but none of these components is more important than STRENGTH. Every athlete, in every sport, must develop this essential weapon in order to compete at an elite level. Proper lifting and strength gain is the basis for an optimally functioning athletic body, so there is simply no way around strength training.