From Pop Warner football to the NFL, football season is remarkably short compared to other sports. On average, football season is 4 to 5 months out of the year. Athletes who enjoy playing football spend the majority of their year playing other sports. Although cross-training is important, it does not always translate into improved football skills.

The IDFFL provides athletes who enjoy the game of football, and who want to get better, a chance to develop their football skills without the physical contact. By training with the IDFFL proven performance systems, your football skills will improve and will translate directly onto the football field.

Players will be instructed and corrected on proper techniques for catching, throwing, chang of direction, footwork, speed & agility, explosiveness, accelerating after the catch, and much more.

Are You A Play Maker? Football is all about making plays. On every snap, the Offense, the Defense, and special teams are asked to make plays. Unless you build your confidence by practicing your play making abilities through a lot of repetition, your potential as a play maker is under developed.

We will provide players the environment to “Develop” and practice their play making skills. This fast pace, high reps, instructional environment builds confidence and provides a lot of opportunity for players to develop their play making skills. Reps, reps, and more reps! The key to getting better is repetition. We believe in the philosophy of “You become what you repeatedly do.”