Community Outreach Loyalty Program

The International Development for Fast Football (IDFFL) 7v7 developmental league is seeking to partner with youth sport organizations within the community. The goal is to supplement and bridge the gap between the limited options of high school, metro and summer football. The IDFFL Developmental League is for all football players who are serious about improving their football skills, enjoy staying fit and want to have fun playing in a competitive league while being coached by professional athletes.

Organizations who partner with us will receive marketing opportunities (field signage, game day promotions, as well as recognition on www.idffl.com.) Community organizations will also receive a $50 kickback* for every member of their organization who registers for the IDFFL 7v7 developmental league.


Why is IDFFL 7v7 the solution?


Removes hits from the game and thus safety and security of players is greatly increased. Because of the nature of 7v7 games, the high standard of competition will not be compromised.


Mentoring is at the core of our league. Every coach and founder is a current or former NFL, CFL, NCAA, or CIS player who is passionate about helping young athletes achieve their goals. We know from personal experience what it takes to make it to the highest levels. We are dedicated to helping up-and-coming athletes reach their full potential.




*Members  who  sign  up  will  be  required  to  mention  your  organization  loyalty  code  in  order  for  you  to  receive   kickback.  To  take  advantage  of  this  opportunity,  or  to  find  out  more  information,  please  contact  us  at  info@idffl.com or call Anthony Cannon: 647.550.7589